The Sales Process Redefined


Yes, when it comes to generating sales – nowadays referred to as “business development” – the cheese has definitely moved.

Gone are the days when the “magic pill” for sales was hiring a new salesperson or developing a new brochure or website. Dead are the days of banging the phones or beating the streets in search of new prospects. Doing it the way it was always done just doesn’t produce results anymore.

Today’s marketplace requires fresh thinking, a digital mindset, and most of all, an organized sales machine; a tightly defined and focused sales process that produces a consistent pipeline of prospects and automatically converts those prospects to sales.

Unfortunately, many business owners are still trying to make it the old way. During the last several years, I have had the opportunity to meet with over 2,000 business owners and the vast majority of them were still struggling with business development hurdles, even as the economy began to improve.

In meeting with these business owners, I began to discover the secrets of the more successful among them. The customer’s needs haven’t changed, but the way they buy products and services has. This has totally changed the way customers want their vendor (and potential vendor) sales reps to fit into the buy/sell equation. (Hint: They only want to interact with your sales reps when they need/have to.)

The sales game has clearly changed, have you?

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